We are a Stockholm-based agency with a team of communication strategists, writers, designers and digital experts of different nationalities, experienced in solving complex communication challenges all over the world.

Building brands across borders

The world is shrinking. Digital channels make it easier to access international markets, and more companies are looking abroad to extend their business. It's a shift that makes branding increasingly important. Open is an international team with the worldwide experience needed to drive success. We have a long history of working with global brands and our skilled writers are native English speakers.

Reaching your strategic goals

Everything we do is rooted in your businesses strategies and sales objectives – from digging for customer insights to setting clear objectives. Then we add the creative magic to make it all happen.

Making the complex simple

Many of our clients have complex products or services that need to be put across with clarity. Today's media landscape is crowded with competing messages, so it's important to distill the essential facts and communicate them in a relevant and engaging way.

Engaging the heart and mind

A human touch often helps to solve complex communication challenges. Our heart and mind approach includes brand storytelling to touch the emotions, and involving experiences that build customer engagement and move brands forward.

Around two-thirds of our clients sell to other businesses while the rest are in consumer goods or services. A large part our clients are also based outside Sweden. See a selection of the work we have done for them.

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Gunilla Lundström

Partner & CEO

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Founder and Creative Director

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Creative Director