Beer. Olive oil. Chemicals. Making just about anything requires some form of separation. But what if you’re the world leader in separation technology and few know your brand? To boost awareness, ANDRITZ needed to develop a clear brand strategy and a compelling story.

Our client. ANDRITZ is a global engineering group headquartered in Graz, Austria. The company’s 24,500 engineers serve the hydropower, pulp and paper, metals and other industries across 250 production sites and service centers globally. ANDRITZ SEPARATION is the world’s leading separation specialist. Customers around rely on its solutions and extensive knowledge to meet the world's environmental, energy-resource, health and nutrition challenges.
Our assignment. After a series of acquisitions, ANDRITZ had become the largest industrial separation company that nobody had heard of. Many of its acquired brands were better known than the ANDRITZ brand. Our task was to stake out a clear and differentiated positioning and messaging platform to capture the true value of what the company offers. There was a fantastic story to be told.
What we did. Our strategy was to shift the focus from selling machines to selling expertise. We needed to build awareness around how the company was solving some of the world’s toughest engineering challenges. Like turning waste into energy. Or saving 3 million cubic meters of water in a desert. Or brewing top-end craft beers. The stories would flow out of the new positioning as the world’s leading separation specialist. Under the banner of “Ask your separation specialist”, we developed a communication toolbox with online and offline tools to dramatize what ANDRITZ could make possible.
The result. Following an internal educational process, the communication was rolled out on a global basis. Today it’s used wherever ANDRITZ communicates its Separations offering. As well as achieving a clear and consistent positioning, the communication has generated significant awareness. Metrics such as viewability and Network Promoter Score (NPS) have shown a big increase in active readership of the communications and positive feelings towards the company. In addition, ANDRITZ now tends to get better placements in trade press magazines and is more frequently asked to provide expert content.