Graphic design and story behind a new wine brand. How do you get an affluent clientele in Monaco to pay a premium price for a new Reisling Viognier wine? For this Italian producer, the starting point was to create a story around the provenance and develop a suitable graphic identity.

Our client. Located in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Bui Wines is owned and operated by an Italian-German husband-wife team. After transforming an old estate into their summer residence, they saw an opportunity to use the existing vineyard to craft a five-star Riesling Viognier white wine. The ambition? Let selected restaurants in their hometown of nearby Monaco offer this rare blend on the menu.
Our assignment. After getting to know the owners, we realized that their ambitions were very high. They wouldn’t settle for anything but the very best. The wines would command a top price on the menu. If a particular vintage was not up to standard, it would never be sold in a Bui bottle. With this in mind, Open was asked to develop a story and graphic identity that would reflect this.
What we did. In line with the crisp, refreshing and yet elegant story they wanted to tell, we developed a bold and clean design program. The shape of roses, etched into an old stone fireplace in the main house, were used as a graphic element in the design program. The family name, BUI, was highlighted in elegant typography against a clean white background. This project is currently under development.