Listen to the sound of higher productivity

Creating buzz with interactive trade booth tools. Most trade exhibitions look pretty much the same, with key messages getting lost in the clutter. To break through and promote the benefits of its easy-to-machine hollow bar, Sandvik decided to do something different: Create a digital sound quiz where delegates could test their knowledge, compete and hear the benefits of this stainless steel bar in action.

Our client. Sandvik is a global high-tech engineering group with 46,000 employees covering 130 markets. The group focuses on advanced alloys as well as tools for metal cutting, mining and construction. Our assignment was from their Sandvik Materials Technology business area, with a focus on their Sanmac stainless steel bar for the machining industry.
Our assignment. In connection with its presence at the IMTS trade show in Chicago, Sandvik wanted to grab attention, gain leads and create some buzz. Specifically, it wanted to highlight the benefits of its Sanmac hollow bar product, which allows for higher machining speeds with consistent quality, compared to standard stainless bar. Following a strategic communications workshop and discussions with machine operators, we had a key insight: the operators can actually hear the productivity difference of different materials and cutting tools. In other words, their ears really do know when something is working well or not.
What we did. To dramatize the benefits of Sanmac hollow bar, we recorded a range of different steel types being milled on a CNC machine: carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex steel. We also recorded a number of common procedures in which Sanmac is used, such as boring, drilling and milling. We even did it at different speeds – from 160 m/min to 240 m/min. The information was compiled into a digital interface and the quiz was billed as “The Sound of Higher Productivity.” Results were posted on a large screen where delegates could see who was in first place. The interactive tool created a huge amount of attention and allowed us to collect many valuable leads. It was also promoted through a press release, via customer communications and follow-ups.