Nothing can freeze the toughest of steels.

From steel supplier to knowledge partner. Engineering steels for gears, bearings and other parts keep the world moving. But customers care less about the steel itself than the benefits – like the ability to withstand subzero temperatures, maintain strength or save on machining. So we teamed up with Ovako to shift the focus to meeting customer challenges with a portfolio of attribute brands.

Our client. Ovako is a Nordic high-tech manufacturer of high-quality engineering steel for customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries. Made from recycled high-quality material, the steel is provided in the form of bar, tube, ring and pre-components. The company is represented in more than 30 countries and has 2,900 employees. Since June 2018, Ovako is an integrated part of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation, forming one of the largest speciality steel corporations in the world.
Our assignment. With Ovako, we’re privileged to have a true marketing and communication partnership since 2010. At that time the company was highly product-focused in their communications. Together, we developed a strategy to always place customer challenges at the forefront. The aim was to reposition them as a knowledge and materials partner rather than just a steel supplier. Part of this strategy was to cluster all products into a series of distinct product-attribute brands based on beneficial properties. The idea was to make it easier to select the right steel type and grade for a particular challenge – whether for wear, machinability, isotropic qualities or more.
What we did. Today we are a full-service strategic communications partner to Ovako. Together with their team, we nurture and develop the communication and customer interaction on a global basis – from product communication and web to trade shows and strategies for the future, including for Ovako as an integrated part of NSSMC group.