The Heavy Metal defender

Launching a beast of a safety boot. The new JALAS Metatarsal foundry and welding boot from Ejendals – it’s a badass work boot that shrugs off falling beams and molten metal at 1,200 C. But how do you spark interest in the conservative protective footwear industry?

Our client. Ejendals is the Swedish hand and foot protection company that owns the TEGERA safety glove and JALAS safety shoe brands. Founded in 1946 in Leksand, Sweden, the family-owned company today has annual sales of around €150 million and employs 360 people in more than 20 countries. Open is the lead agency for all marketing communications.
Our assignment. Although Ejendals is not a newcomer to making heat-resistant safety shoes, this was the first time they had combined certified heat resistance with metatarsal bone protection. The JALAS brand is known for ergonomic comfort, and there was customer demand for a certified foundry and welding boot that would be just as comfortable. Our task was to tell a dramatic story and break through the communication clutter for the launch at a major trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany.
What we did. Realizing that the new boot was an extreme manifestation of the JALAS brand, we decided to amp up the visuals. To dramatize the heightened protection, we exposed the boot to a real-life “torture test”, assailing it with fire, sparks, oil and heavy falling objects. The test was captured on film and in stills, which formed the visual foundation for the campaign. The product was then communicated via sales materials for retailers and distributors, YouTube films, trade ads, PR, web, DM, billboards, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other social channels.