Branding an engineering services company. Developing an attractive, differentiated brand with a higher purpose can be a powerful way to attract talent and new customers. But it also demands a bold, forward-thinking management team that really dares to stand out and be different.

Our client. Etteplan is a progressive engineering services company with 2,400 experts who are on a mission to spark positive change in the world of engineering. The company is based in Finland, with 55 offices across Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, Germany, Russia and the US.
Our assignment. In the engineering services market, communication is all very similar: happy engineers studying CAD drawings and shaking hands with customers. To stand out in this generic crowd and attract a new crop of talent, Etteplan was determined to take a different approach – one that matched their high ambitions. They’d already done a brand audit, but weren’t quite sure how to translate this into humanly relevant communications.
What we did. As we discovered, their key differentiator was actually that they do things differently. They are not your traditional engineering consultants and therefore needed to communicate that they are a bit different. This required adding a dose of attitude, bold headlines and playful illustrations. It was all about adding a witty emotional touch in a field that is otherwise quite factual.
Under the banner of “Engineering with a difference”, we developed a new corporate visual identity that would help them stand out – on their website, in printed materials, films and other tools. The starting point was an internal kick-off in which we supported them with a launch kit including a booklet called: “The little book of BIG differences.” The next phase, which is now ongoing, includes communications for the web, print, exhibitions and all channels.