Corporate branding & positioning in Asia Pacific. How do you attract the best talent and grow your business in the key Asia Pacific market if your corporate brand is relatively unknown? The solution involved getting 14 regional markets onboard for a regional concept that they could really stand behind.

Our client. Fresenius AG is a diversified global health care company based in Bad Homburg, Germany with 202,000 employees. Our assignment came from the Hong Kong office of their Fresenius Kabi Asia Pacific business area, which focuses on lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition.
The challenge. Despite being a global leader in many areas, Fresenius Kabi was not well known in the Asia Pacific region. Their product brands were often better known than the company itself. This made it difficult to compete in the battle for talent and when negotiating contracts. So the challenge was to find a relevant positioning and branding approach that would help them stand out, while still being true to their group values and corporate guidelines.
What we did. Following a series of strategic workshops in Hong Kong with 14 regional markets, it became clear that Fresenius Kabi had a unique story to tell. Their offering to hospitals was different and broader than their competitors. They were also doing more to advance medical progress and help seriously ill people. So our strategy was to dramatize the full strength of their 30,000-strong team and their integrated product portfolio.
Externally, we used the message “Every day we do more because you do” But we realized that building internal pride and awareness would be equally important. So the first step involved an internal campaign: “I'm part of something more.” Using a heart shape to symbolize this, we developed a toolbox that allowed each market to flexibly introduce the concept. The “More” theme proved to be hugely successful and worked across all borders, including in China.