How do you take the fossil-free mill from vision to reality?
And how do you get pulp and paper executives onboard? These were the challenges in communicating CircleToZero® – a visionary initiative by Andritz Pulp & Paper to help mill owners reach the ultimate goal of zero emissions and zero waste.

Our client. Andritz is a global leader in providing technology, systems, equipment, services and entire mills for the pulp and paper industry. It’s a business driven by hugely ambitious targets to reduce waste, reuse sidestreams and develop entirely new bio-based industries with the lowest possible environmental impact. To achieve this, new technical solutions and disruptive concepts are required. Solutions that are not only viable, but rapidly scalable and profitable for mill owners.
Our assignment. Andritz top management were convinced that isolated technical solutions alone were insufficient. Instead, they decided to invite the industry into an ambitious joint initiative called ”CircleToZero” – a concrete path forward toward zero emissions and zero waste while creating sustainable financial growth. But how do you drive excitement around these new opportunities? And how can you quickly start hands-on customer collaborations that that lead to large-scale impact and new business opportunities for everyone involved?
The solution. Based on a film storyline, a graphic design concept and simple message, we helped to dramatize the opportunities and realities that lie ahead. No greenwashing. No fuzzy clichés. Simply a bold commitment to turning massive challenges into profitable solutions – starting now.