Helping a veterinary technology startup set its brand strategy, story and platform – and launch its first product.

Our client. Cavix is a newly started veterinary technology company that develops evidence-based products for veterinary surgeons. The company’s experienced founders bring together scientific knowledge, clinical expertise and business acumen to the development and commercialization of its products.

After establishing the company in 2022, Cavix began the launch of its first product: a nanosynthetic bone graft putty that safely and predictably regenerates bone for spinal and orthopedic indications in companion animals. In addition to generating commercial sales, the company aims to continue to develop and license a future range of veterinary products in collaboration with leading veterinary surgeons and reference centers
Our assignment. Having worked with the Open team on two previous startups, the experienced Cavix team knew exactly what they needed: a new brand, design and messaging platform to set the direction for the company and its first product. Initially, the key need was to establish the company’s identity as it continued to recruit key opinion leaders for clinical trials. Open helped define a vision and a company story for Cavix, along with a distinctive look and feel. The aim was to bring the Cavix story to life: who the are, why they exist and what they aim to achieve.
Our solution.
Although the number of companion animals continues to surge worldwide and perceptions of ethical treatment are evolving, in many respects the standards for veterinary medicine remain far from those applied to humans. Together with Cavix, we established an identity and a story at the core of the company’s ambition: to accelerate the evolution of veterinary care by transforming the latest biomedical innovations into well-documented veterinary therapies.
The result. The immediate need was to create a website to convince potential partners, acquisition targets and veterinarians that Cavix is a player to watch and engage with under the common goal of accelerating clinical advances in veterinary medicine.

The website will be the foundation for future company communications and product launches (phase 2).

Open continues to support Cavix in the ongoing launch of its first product, Xcyte.