Introducing a new company brand and product platform.The demand for clean energy is on the rise. But more solar panels and electric cars won’t solve the problem alone. Enequi’s energy solutions put property owners in charge of their usage and capacity to ensure a trouble-free transition to the era of clean energy.

Our client. Founded in 2017 as a spin-off company from Swedish electrical solutions manufacturer Gycom, Enequi is a pioneer in the field of smart energy storage and management. Its innovative QuiPower technologies, designed for homes and commercial applications, give users deeper insights into their energy usage so they can control, store and save the energy they need, for when they need it most. Sales of the combined energy storage, monitoring and control solutions have initially focused on Sweden, with plans for later rollout across Europe.
Our assignment. Enequi wants its technology to become a natural part of the clean energy ecosystem for all types of property owners. Starting from the ground up, our challenge was to help them build a strong brand platform and communications plan for long-term growth. The first step was to clearly define the company’s purpose, story and graphic identity. The product brand QuiPower was also created, with product naming, market positioning, messaging platform and graphic identity created with the help of Open. Based on the brand platform, a series of campaigns consisting of film, digital and print advertising, and social media content were carried out to launch the brand towards homeowners, commercial property owners and electrical installers, starting with the Swedish market. The same platform will be the basis for all brand communications and campaigns across European markets.
Our solution. Because energy storage and monitoring solutions are a relatively new product category, we sought to keep our communications straightforward, direct and informative. Under the tagline “Take Charge”, Enequi aims to empower property owners with both the knowledge and technologies they need to manage the transition to clean energy. Whether addressing everyday questions on solar power storage and off-grid backup or raising broader awareness of new energy tariffs and infrastructure bottlenecks, the message is a simple one: with Enequi, the power is in your hands to take charge of all your future energy needs.