Building a megabrand from a microfocus source.

Innovation starts at the source. As pioneers of the world’s brightest X-ray sources, Excillum is relentlessly pushing the limits of X-ray source technologies to enable new breakthroughs in science, medicine and manufacturing.

Our client. Excillum is a global leader in the field of advanced microfocus X-ray sources. Founded in 2007 by researchers from KTH in Sweden, the company’s first product was the world’s brightest microfocus X-ray tube. Now much more than a single technology, the fast-growing company is applying its core expertise to expand its product portfolio, advance scientific progress and enable unimagined new applications.
Our assignment. As the company grew its global footprint and moved into new strategic market segments, Excillum needed to strengthen its brand and refine its messaging. Open was asked to support in developing a brand strategy that would serve as a platform for all communications, including e.g: Brand story, Positioning, Value proposition, Key messages, Graphic profile and Creative concept.
Our solution. To highlight the company’s deep scientific expertise, while maintaining its reputation for cutting-edge x-ray source technologies, “The source for X-ray innovation” was chosen as a position that would bring the Excillum brand to life. The position is the core of a consistent brand identity that supports the company’s business and relationships on all levels as collaborations continue to expand into a wide range of scientific, manufacturing and system development applications. Whether communicating with customers, partners, opinion leaders, investors or future employees, Excillum continues to open new technological frontiers – starting from the source.