Personalized Ventilation. Because every patient is unique.

Differentiating the ventilators of Getinge. What sets Getinge ventilators apart from others on the market? Why pay a premium for their Servo brand when you could buy a cheaper option? For Getinge, it was important to take a bigger role in the discussions around ventilated patients in critical care and highlight the need for more personalized solutions.

Our client. Founded in Sweden in 1904, Getinge is today a global medical technology company with 10,000 employees in 135 countries. The company is dedicated to the idea of providing people and communities with the best possible care, ensuring improved clinical results and better outcomes. The offering includes products and solutions for intensive care, cardiovascular procedures, operating rooms, sterile reprocessing and optimized workflows. Our assignment came from the Mechanical Ventilation Solutions division, where their Servo brand has held a premium position for many years.
Our assignment. The global market for mechanical ventilators is highly competitive with many new players entering the scene. Getinge had recently adopted a global master brand strategy, rebranding its portfolio from the Maquet sub-brand (an earlier acquisition) to Getinge. However, their Servo product brand remained as a trusted solution. Meanwhile, the company continues to innovate new and flexible therapeutic tools that let healthcare professionals tailor their ventilation strategies for different users. So it made perfect sense to try to own the term “Personalized Ventilation.”
Our solution. In addition to setting a strategy for how to establish Getinge as a thought leader in Personalized Ventilation, we also developed an overarching messaging hierarchy, with a clear storyline and proof points. The lead creative solution involved depicting a broad cross-section of people under the theme of “Personalized Ventilation – because every patient is unique.” The theme carries through to highlight more specific benefits, including newly developed content for “Personalized Lung Protection” and “Personalized Weaning,” for digital channels. This was the first step in the development and is planned for roll-out during 2021.