Property branding. How can a branding platform help to boost the value of commercial real estate? And not just by a few percentage points, but a double-digit increase. That was our challenge for the launch of ROOFTOP, a premier office space just a stone’s throw from Stockholm’s Central Station.

Our client. Mengus is a Stockholm-based private equity firm specializing in identifying and unlocking the value potential in commercial real estate. The company was an early pioneer of real estate branding in Stockholm.
Our assignment. After acquiring the old ÅF building on Fleminggatan in Stockholm, Mengus undertook a comprehensive renovation, including the addition of two new rooftop floors. Although the building dated back to 1964 and was located outside the central banking district, the company wanted to reposition it as an attractive, creative and convenient office space for world-class companies. The challenge was to develop a clear name, position and branding concept that would differentiate the building on the competitive Stockholm market.
What we did. While other real estate firms in Stockholm were touting amenities such as gyms and restaurants, we decided to focus on the unique penthouse office spaces. The name ROOFTOP gave us a great foundation for a distinctive brand platform. The idea was to build a story around the rooftop theme that would elevate the benefits of the property – that magical feeling of being up high, close to the clouds, with a panoramic city view.