Who are we? Why do we exist? Digital communications and PR specialist Mynewsdesk was wrestling with these deceptively simple questions and asked Open to identify the missing elements.

Our client. Mynewsdesk is a fast-growing Swedish PR software services company with a focus on making digital communications and PR easier. The company has 200 employees and serves around 5,000 customers worldwide.
Our assignment. Mynewsdesk wanted a distinct position that would set it apart and capture the value it provides. This meant being seen as more than just a company selling digital newsrooms or an all-in-one PR platform. It meant taking a stand for a higher purpose that would engage both staff and customers.
What we did. Open ran a series of strategic branding workshops to define the offering and purpose. The process resulted in a clear purpose based around storytelling: "To release the power of stories to spark positive change." Mynewsdesk's CMO described the project as a huge success and praised the smooth process.
The company has gone from strength to strength. Mynewsdesk now has a growth rate of 20% per year and is on its way to becoming a SEK 1 billion company.