Creating a platform for a new medical startup. How do you communicate the benefits of a groundbreaking new method for bone repair for reconstructive facial or brain surgery? The key was to get the message across quickly and simply, with an emphasis on both doctor and patient benefits.

Our client. OssDsign is a Swedish medical startup that’s on a mission to advance bone repair based on an innovative proprietary technology platform. The company uses a next-generation bio-ceramic biomaterial that was developed by researchers at Karolinska University Hospital and Uppsala University. OssDsign is part of the Karolinska Development portfolio.
Our assignment. OssDsign needed a compelling brand story and sharp communication tools to get its message out at trade exhibitions and when meeting potential partners. Together with their team, we set the brand strategy, visual identity, messaging and more. Naturally, when you’re discussing brain surgery with surgeons, scientists and engineers, the material needs to be serious. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dull. The challenge was to find a relevant concept that people would also connect with emotionally.
What we did. Our strategy was to dramatize the company's mission to help surgeons find better, more permanent solutions for their patients that actually encourage bone regeneration. The solution combined human images with silhouettes that show how the bone growth could have looked. To stand out, we added vibrant colors that are not typical for the medical technology sector. The visual identity and messaging platform we developed are now being used in all of their communications.