Fluid engineering makes the difference!

What do offshore oil pumps have in common with industrial adhesive dispensers and mascara brushes? What value can a single company bring to such a variety of applications? And what story can unite them all? These were some of the challenges facing Sulzer when they came to Open.

Our client. Sulzer is a Swiss industrial engineering and manufacturing firm, founded in 1775. Over the centuries, the company has gained international recognition with inventions such as the first precision valve steam engine and the Sulzer-Diesel motor. Today it is a publicly traded company with about 180 manufacturing facilities and service centers around the world.
In recent years, Sulzer had closed several acquisitions to complement its product and service portfolio and continue its industrial repositioning. With engineered pump systems as its core segment, the brand is a world leader in pumps for key industrial processes such as Pulp & Paper and Oil & Gas. The Chemtech unit also maintains strong brand recognition. Over time, these were complemented with the acquisition of Mixpac (adhesives and dental), Geka (cosmetics) and Medmix (medical).
Our assignment. For many, Sulzer was still “an oil pump company”, which created misperceptions for some of the newly acquired brands. What did they all have in common? What sets them apart from the competition? And what unique knowledge and experience did they all share? A unified brand platform was needed to align all the brands, to move beyond products and technologies, and to highlight the broader value the company delivers for customers around the world.

Through a series of background analyses, interviews and workshops, Open gathered key insights that were then developed into a brand platform and creative concept.
What we did. What does a subsea oil pump have to do with a dental applicator? And how can today’s petrochemical separators give rise to tomorrow’s bio-based industries? The answer, we found, is that they all depend on a unique ability to engineer the most reliable, innovative and efficient fluid handling solutions. Whether it’s mixing, pumping, controlling, separating or applying, Sulzer brings a vast range of engineering expertise to better handle the fluids that are central to our lives. From the water we drink, to the medical devices we depend on, to the industries that power our world – all of it is possible thanks to the world leader in fluid engineering.
The result. From this core position, dozens of stories were waiting to be told about Sulzer’s positive contribution to thousands of customers – and millions of lives – every day. For the doctor whose surgery is simpler, the entrepreneur whose cosmetics are an overnight success, or the offshore engineer who saves time, energy and money, these are stories that matter. We brought them together under a concept we called Fluid engineering makes the difference. With this Sulzer now has a common story to tell and has begun the journey from product focus to more solution oriented communication.