If it’s out there, you’ll find it here.

Generating buzz around a new commercial website. Busy lab professionals and clinicians are a hard audience to reach. So how could Thermo Fisher Scientific spark their curiosity and get them to experience a new site for allergy and autoimmune disease diagnostics? The answer: focus on key pain points and leverage LinkedIn in a record-setting campaign.

Our client. Thermo Fisher Scientific is a $32 billion US-based maker of analytical equipment, instruments, software, and services for the research, discovery, analysis and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. The ImmunoDiagnostics Division, in particular, aims to be the leading solutions partner for allergy and autoimmunity testing. However, due to a number of acquisitions, they had up to 26 sites for their various products and services, which included such market-leading brands as ImmunoCAP™ allergy solutions, EliA™ autoimmunity solutions, and Phadia™ Laboratory Solutions.
Our assignment. By consolidating 26 different websites into one, Thermo Fisher Scientific had created a new searchable site featuring product catalogs, documentation, educational material and more. Our assignment was to generate excitement and drive traffic to this hub. Specifically, they wanted a long-term awareness campaign to encourage the use of new enhanced tools and resources by lab technicians, lab administrators and clinicians. We knew that lab professionals are keenly interested in getting access to vital documentation for audits, specific product information, testing algorithms and other diagnostic resources. The new site now made that simpler, with easier navigation, so we needed to highlight this.
Our solution. Instead of overwhelming customers with a lot of features, we focused on why it’s there in the first place – to make their lives easier, solve problems and even inspire them. To grab their attention, we used a mix of eye-catching human and scientific imagery that is both emotional and rational. Graphic, colorful and scientifically relevant, we felt such imagery is a good attention getter and way to differentiate. However, we didn’t stop there. Our concept was also flexible and could be adapted for a range of imagery and contexts for longer term use. Under the campaign theme of “If it’s out there, you’ll find it here,” we promoted the site as THE SOURCE for everything relating to allergy and autoimmunity disease diagnostics.
The result. The campaign was rolled out in two stages, externally and internally, using film, newsletters, banners and social media (organic and sponsored). According to LinkedIn, we achieved a click-through rate (CTR) of 5.3% versus an average of 0.39%. In other words, 1 in 20 people clicked into and engaged with the commercial site (vs. 1 out of 250) – making it a top-four-rated global campaign ACROSS ALL CATEGORIES that week.